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Our Homeschool Education & Spiritual Beliefs

The Grace Academy believes that the Lord Jesus Christ is to be preeminent in all of life, including education. This simple but comprehensive principle underlies every aspect of our academic study, each activity, and all of our school life. The Grace Academy is committed to building a strong Christian, Biblical, spiritual, moral, ethical and academic foundation in homeschooling students. We believe that education and spiritual growth should be inseparably linked. Education cannot be complete without an education in the history of man's relationship with his Creator.

All traditional subjects of education should reflect the glory of our Lord. Science should illustrate the wonders of God's creativity. Mathematics should speak to the orderliness of His creation. Social Studies should reflect the truth of the Scriptures. Language Arts should give children an appreciation for positive communication the written word. Art and music courses should cultivate a healthy appreciation for beauty and truth in culture.

Children are precious gifts from God with inherent abilities and dreams that need to be nurtured and drawn out. Children mature and develop at different rates, and each has different levels of ability and capacity, all of which must be considered in the selection of course of study. As such, each child deserves a customized education because a "one size fits all" curriculum serves only the minority of students. Home-based learning has significant benefits and advantages for both the learners, the teachers and the community.

Parents, under God, have ultimate authority and control over their child and his/her education.