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Homeschooling Curriculum from The Grace Academy

The Grace Academy Online Homeschooling Curriculum is for homeschoolers and their families who want a quality Bible-based education at home. This program offers you a choice of up to 6 courses per year. Our tuition fee includes: all curriculum, materials, testing, copies of all work, time-logs and Academic Counselors available to help all day long. We are a complete Christian home learning resource for your students.

Brief Homeschool Program Chart
Who should enroll? Those who want a quality, Bible-based education at home. Students should comply with any local homeschooling requirements.
Registration Cost See Homeschooling Program Tuition. Subscription plan for a 12-month full-time online homeschooling program
Book and Materials included Yes*
Teaching Team Access Yes. Regular school hours for one-to-one online assistance and telephone access, and 24/7 SMAIL (school email).
Number of Courses Up to 6
Preparation for standardized testing. SATs and PSATs Yes, if desired.
Grades Available K-12
Computer Requirements See Computer Requirements
Maintenance and archiving of progress reports, records, and work samples. Yes. Progress reports, records, and complete archiving of accomplished work.
Degree of Versatility Homeschooling curriculum can be modified to accomodate parent-specific changes in curriculum and delivery. State and national requirements must be followed - parents are responsible for remaining informed.

* In most cases. Rare exceptions are clearly noted in the course catalog.