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Placement Testing

Put Your Child in a Position to Succeed

Do you ever wonder if your child is at the best grade level in math and language arts?

Did you know that correct placement can make the difference between academic success and failure?

We have the solution!

Now, in just a few minutes of your child’s time, you can have answers to these critical questions.

Right now, your child can take our Online Placement Tests in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Our online placement tests were designed by education specialists who ask the right questions in the right way so that you will have the information you need to select the right course for your child.

If you are considering enrolling in our academy, you can choose the specific grade level for each course.  For example, if your child’s test shows he is working at a 4th grade level for math and a 5th grade level for language arts, you can select those courses. Without our online placement tests, your child might have missed out on all the advantages of being in the best grade for her level.

The best grade level means he will be challenged without being bored. The best grade level means that your child will have the best chance to master the material while reaching his/her highest potential.

Get peace of mind. Gain control. Make sure your child succeeds.

Click here to take a Placement Test now!