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Biography of Mimi Rothschild, The Grace Academy Co-Founder

Mimi Rothschild is the co-founder of Learning By Grace Homeschool Academies, a company dedicated to providing parents with innovative Christian online homeschooling curricula. Her path towards the homeschool world is long and winding and includes a variety of experiences. Each of these experiences served to solidify her knowledge of education and her passion for children's rights.

At the age of ten, Mimi Rothschild launched her lifelong career in children's rights advocacy by collecting money door to door for starving Biafran children. Although merely a child, inaction was not in Mimi Rothschild's vocabulary.

Upon graduating from college in 1979, Mimi Rothschild launched the Rothschild Doll Company, the mission of which was to provide an economic base to single mothers while simultaneously providing children with beautiful playthings. Countless Jamaican and Haitian women were provided with much-needed jobs through the Rothschild Doll Company.

In 1983, Mimi Rothschild's first child was born. She decided that "public schools were not healthy for children and other living things" to rephrase a turn of phrase used to describe the Vietnam War. She authored a manuscript during this time entitled Children at Risk after the government sponsored report called "Nation at Risk". Both reports illustrated that "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might have well as viewed it as an act of war."

Rothschild homeschooled several of her eight children throughout the 80s and 90s. From the beginning of her homeschooling experience, she was a pioneer in the homeschooling world. In 1987, Rothschild co-founded the Massachusetts Home Learning Association in the very office of famous homeschooling pioneer and author of Teach Your Own. This organization is still dedicated to serving homeschoolers throughout the state twenty years later.

She co-authored Cyberspace for Kids, an Internet guide for children with her daughter. Imagine how thrilling it must have been for her children when they saw their books on display at the local Borders bookstore. She would also go on to author Teen Resources on the Web: A Guide for Librarians, Parents and Teachers.

In the early 1990s, Mimi Rothschild launched a chain of children's clothing stores. These stores employed local homeschoolers. In addition to providing quality clothes through her stores, she was able to use the proceeds to ship gently-used clothing and excess inventory were shipped to orphanages in Guatemala and Russia.

In 1997, things changed for the Mimi Rothschild family in a way that she could have never predicted. Her son Andrew was tragically lost shortly after childbirth. Crushed, Mimi managed to channel her anguish into positive energy in the creation of the National Organization for Children. This non-profit advocacy group was dedicated to the promotion of health, education, and welfare of children. Shortly after the loss of her son, another of Mimi's children spent two years in a hospital bed, critically ill. Throughout this ordeal, Rothschild trusted in Christ to carry her child through this illness. During this two year period, she was able to develop close relationships with many other critically ill children. It was in this hospital that Rothschild began to formulate the creation of her current project.

Realizing that these children had no access to school, Mimi Rothschild purposed in her heart to find a way to give children like these educational solutions. She realized that with the power of the internet, a relatively new medium of communication, she could do just that. If these children couldn't make it to the classroom, she would bring the classroom to them.

So, Mimi Rothschild and her husband came together to launch Learning By Grace, Inc. a company that manages several online homeschooling options that bring quality Christian education to the masses. The courses offered by Learning By Grace homeschool academies use a multimedia presentation to engage the learner and bring out each child's natural curiosity.

Mimi Rothschild's homeschool experience and her husband technological experience combined to form The Grace Academy. Launched in 2003, The Grace Academy homeschool program provides Christian families with a cutting-edge homeschool curriculum at an affordable price.


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