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Our Mission in Homeschool Education

The Grace Academy is dedicated to being a complete homeschool resource center developing discerning leaders by integrating a Biblical world and life view throughout its curriculum. We're more than just a series of textbooks. We give parents everything they need to successfully homeschool. Everything from our teacher assistance to our free portfolios is designed to provide the parent with a 360 degree solution. The Grace Academy covers all the bases so that you can focus on parenting and teaching your homeschooling child rather than clerical work.

Homeschool Parental Support

The Grace Academy is more than just an online school. We are a fully-equipped homeschool support network. Using our resources and leading Christian curriculum, parents can provide their children with a world-class education in the comfort and freedom of their own home.

Online Homeschool Curriculum

We offer an innovative multimedia curriculum that engages homeschooling children visually, aurally, and conceptually. We teach problem-solving, logic, and contextual learning techniques through unique, state-of-the-art methodology.

Intellectual Development

It's imperative that we nurture each child's natural enthusiasm for learning with an engaging online program. We believe that children have a propensity for learning that is sadly stifled over the years in the public school system. Deep down, every child wants to learn, but they must be provided with the proper means to do so. We seek to liberate rather than restrict.

We wish to build the child's faith and strength of character. The Bible commands us to train up children in the way that they should go, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually so that they are equipped to face the real world upon graduation. Learning reading, writing, and arithmetic is not enough.

We seek to make children aware of God's creation and the diverse cultural heritage of different people groups that populate the world. Upon completion of our program, students will have developed an appreciation of truth and beauty in the fine arts.

Our students develop an appreciation for the democratic way of life, the American way, and the free market system and to offer a full understanding of the mechanisms in place that allow these ideas to thrive on a federal, state, and local level.

Academic Shepherds

To provide families with experienced academic experts dedicated to guiding children through the learning process.

To support and inform parents with information about their child's needs and progress.