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Our Homeschooling Philosophy

The Grace Academy will engage in a collaborative learning partnership with homeschooling families so that all children, including those with special needs and different styles, are presented with appropriate and engaging opportunities to allow them to get the most fulfilling home learning experience possible. We believe that learning should not be limited to the classroom. The entire world is bursting with opportunities to learn and grow. Public school students spend the same twelve years building on their understanding of the same five courses. Homeschool students should have the opportunity to go far beyond that extremely limited learning format.

We believe that children mature at different rates and should not only be encouraged to work at their own pace as they progress towards goals, but should not be compared to others or forced to compete with others, which often only impedes their enthusiasm. Children should work to get better at what they do. Not better than someone else, but better than their own previous performance.

The Grace Academy helps online homeschooling students to discover their unique talents, cultivate aesthetic appreciation, develop imagination, make good use of leisure time, and contribute to the lives of others by providing a specialized and individualized home education experience.

We believe that the purpose of learning should be to obtain a greater understanding of the Lord and His perfect will, that we might further His kingdom and spread the love and redemptive power of His Son. The Grace Academy K-12 homeschool is a community of learners where interaction is not a mere technical relationship but, instead, one that celebrates God's creation.