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Homeschool Social Center

Socialization is one of the prime causes of concern among parents who are considering homeschooling. Many in the media express apprehension and even condescension regarding the social behaviors of homeschooled children. While studies show that these concerns are fundamentally unfounded, the need for peer socialization remains.

The public school environment is full of unbiblical teaching, emotional abuse, moral relativism, bullying, and vulgarity. Do we want our children, our precious gifts from the Lord, to not only learn in this environment, but learn from this environment? Children mimic what they see from adults and older peers. Consider the average public school high school class. Most likely, all of the students dress in the same fashion, talk with the same slang, and attempt to conform in every way. Homeschooling parents should not want their children socialized to the way of the world.

However, it's clear that children need to have peer interaction so that they can comfortably engage people in a variety of social situations. The Grace Academy addresses this concern through our innovative Social Center. It's a place for homeschool students to go to meet up with other students via the World Wide Web. They can chat about their classes, sports, extra-curricular opportunities, and more. Only students are allowed into the Social Center, and it's 100% safe and monitored for inappropriate discussion. As long as the conversation glorifies the Lord, anything goes! It's a great way for homeschooling students to socialize and just one of the ways that we meet homeschooling needs at The Grace Academy.