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Homeschool Teachers

Our Homeschool Teachers give your student UNLIMITED HELP through our online chat feature.

Our online Homeschool Teachers are passionately committed to helping their students master the subject matter but more importantly, learn how to apply the Bible to that information.

Our online Homeschool Teachers first priority is to walk alongside their students to empower them to come to know The Lord in a powerful and everlasting way.

The Grace Academy online Homeschool Teachers are available during all regular school hours with the right answer and a helpful encouraging Christian attitude. You are never alone with our online school program.

Whenever your child has question about a particularly tricky math problem, for example, instead of struggling through it for hours on end or (even worse) skipping it, the child can type his question to one of our helpful online Homeschool Teachers and receive an informative answer within minutes.

Our online homeschool teachers make sure students stay on top of challenging coursework without forcing the parent to become experts in calculus, Spanish, or any number of higher level courses. It's that easy.

Grace Academy's online Homeschool Teachers offer online help via our Live Operator System, one-to-one suggestions, expert advice and communication through e-mail, phone and SMAIL (Student Mail). They suggest homeschool assignments, provide guidance, solve problems and so much more.

Of utmost priority to our online Homeschool teachers is their students walk with God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Our online homeschool teachers are enthusiastic about spreading the gospel, seeing students come to a saving knowledge of Christ and helping children succeed in their Christian faith.

Our online homeschooling program along with our online homeschool teachers provide everything your family needs to succeed at The Grace Academy K-12 Homeschool. With our team of dedicated Christian homeschool teachers, parents can focus more on parenting and less on brushing up on their Shakespeare!

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